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Geschreven: 15 April 2020
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“The use of the SprayPlanner certainly provides an added value in order to carry out spraying activities at the best possible moment. Especially now that fewer and fewer crop protection products are available”.

Mr. A. W. van der Velde, agronomist arable farming at Delphy uses the SprayPlanner module for couple of years.

We are nowadays obliged to apply the agents with coarser droplets. In several applications, you can see a reduction in the effect of the protection product.

Besides the choice of the right pesticide and the droplet size, the weather around the spraying is often the most important factor that determines to what extent a spraying operation has the desired result. The SprayPlanner has proven to be an important tool in this case, as it uses a lot of weather-related topics to calculate the effectiveness of the products.

Sometimes the weather conditions for a longer period of time are not optimal for a spraying application. But, if the application is urgent, you can always use the spray planner to find the least bad moment. An application with a moderate effect is still better than an application with no effect at all.

Mr. A. W. van der Velde

Agronomist Arable farming at Delphy

Like to expand your customer services with the SprayPlanner?

That is possible now! We like to share our plant-weather related algorithms with others. With the use of our smart Agro-Weather API, we can serve your company and her costumers’ reliable information on several agricultural cases. More detailed information on which information our Agro-Weather API shares, you can find ‘here‘! Expand the software of your farm-management system, data platform or app with this valuable information to make it more powerful.

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