Standard weather data

Global weather data (temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction, precipitation and precipitation probability, incoming radiation and cloud level at standard altitude) can be retrieved on the basis of latitude and longitude. The data is available in time steps of 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours, in which language and quantities can be set via the API call.

Output is given in: json, xml or csv.

API Call

Option Description Example
Key Your personal API key 21HJe4&u%[#12aSMna7
Lat Latitude of the location (-90..90) 52.6 (N positive, S negative)
Lon Longitude of the location (-180..180) 6 (E positive, W negative)
Step Time step of the forecast (1,3,6,12,24) 1
Days Number of days (1..14) 5
Format Output format of the data (json, xml, csv) json
Lang Language of the output (NL, EN, DE, FR) NL

Output parameters

Value Description Type
Observation_time Time of the observation in UTC Time in UTC
Temp_C The temperature in degrees Celsius Integer
Temp_F The temperature in degrees Fahrenheit Integer
FeelsLike_C Feels like temperature in degrees Celsius Integer
FeelsLike_F Feels like temperature in degrees Fahrenheit Integer
Windspeet_M Wind speed in miles/hour Integer
Windspeed_Kph Wind speed in kilometres per hour Integer
Windforce_Bft Wind force in Beaufort Integer
Winddir_Degree Wind direction in degrees Integer
Winddir16Point Wind direction in 16-point compass String. Example: N.
WeatherCode Weather condition code Integer. See Weather Condition Codes and Icons.
WeatherIconURL URL to weather icon URL
WeatherDesc Weather condition description String
Precip_mm Precipitation in millimetres Integer
Precip_inches Precipitation in inches Float
Probprecip Probability of precipitation Integer
Humidity Humidity in percentage Integer
Dewpoint_C Dewpoint in degrees Celcius Integer
Dewpoint_F Dewpoint in degrees Fahrenheit Integer
Vapourpressure Vapour pressure in kPa Float
Pressure_mbar Atmospheric pressure in millibars Integer
Cloudcover Cloud cover in percentage Integer
Rad Incoming solar radiation W/m² Integer



  • Agricultural parameters for your system
  • Predictions and current data
  • Ultra-local data

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