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Affordable and accurate sensors to monitor your crop

The smart SmartFarm sensors are easy to use and provide up-to-date information about the crop and soil. The sensors help to better plan and carry out your farm activities such as spraying pesticides, fertillizing your land and irrigation. This increases productivity and yields!

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The advantages of SmartFarm

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Realtime monitorizing

Sensors refine your insight. 365 days per year they monitize your plants and animals. This way you can prevent sudden surprises caused by diseases or plagues and improve the yield. 

Reduce costs and improve the planning

Reduce costs in your company and revamp the planning of your field activities. Your crop protection, fertilizing or irrigation choices will corrected based on actual and real-time information. 

Higher harvest rates and better quality

With the SmartFarm products you'll realize better product quality and higher yields.

Wireless communication with Lora and Sigfox

We deliver ready-to-go sensor sollutions that communicate wirelessly thorugh the newest networks such as Lora and Sigfox

"In many ways the future of agribusiness will be controlled by precision agriculture and smart, data driven technologies. Farmers that are looking into new possibilities will implement suchlike technologies and seize their benefits."

Richard van Hooijdonk





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