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Geschreven: 7 November 2017
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IMG 20170407 WA0013 1First practical results of the SmartFarm IoT weatherstation are very positive. Each his own weatherstation, that is SmartFarming! ‘Internet-of-things’ offers plenty of opportunities for agriculture.

SmartFarm is part of AppsforAgri B.V. We work with passion and knowledge on software and sensor solutions for agriculture, horticulture and livestock farming! The team consists of highly trained software developers, meteorologists and agronomists. We work on collecting and analyzing data and solutions for more efficient and sustainable agriculture.

We introduced the FieldMate last week, the first ‘Internet-of-Things’ weather station. The FieldMate is simple but smart. The sensors of the FieldMate measure the temperature in the soil and the temperature and relative humidity in the crop. We did tests on dozens of lots last year and the growers are very enthusiastic about the possibilities.

Measuring weather on your own plot offers you all the information to improve the planning, monitor the crop and timely respond to frost, diseases and pests.

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