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Geschreven: 1 April 2020
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Effect of weather conditions on plant protection products

Weather circumstances before, during and after application of plant protection products are very important for the efficacy, almost all farmers and growers of vegetables recognise this dilemma. Knowledge of the behaviour of these products related to weather circumstances are an aid to achieve better efficacy. For example, formulation type and dynamic build-up of the wax-layer at the upper side of the leaf are important for sticking and the speed and way of uptake of systemic active ingredients in the leaves. For farmers it is difficult to combine all the important processes at the moment they have to make a decision.


Reduction and durability

The knowledge of the relations between crop protecting agents and meteorological conditions are combined in the SprayPlanner, a good aid for deciding to apply or not. The system calculates (hourly-based) the physical behaviour of the chosen product in different stages of the uptake, sticking or solving processes. With the help of the SmartFarm app, the farmer can choose the best moment of the day to apply a product with the optimum dose. So, mistakes by using the products at the wrong moment can be prevented. If a product is applied at the optimal moment, the uptake and/or the efficacy is much higher and a reduction of 25- 30% is possible by a large number of plant protection products, without the risk of higher levels of resistance or lower sensitivity.


Spray more sustainable with the SprayPlanner

By using the SprayPlanner, the farmer will be more aware of the relation between weather conditions and the efficacy of plant protection products, to use them more sustainably. The SprayPlanner is already required in several countries for food safety durability and quality certificates.



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