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Geschreven: 2 January 2018
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The Nedato Preservative App is an aid for drying, cooling and storing potatoes. The Save Coach App automatically retrieves weather data close to you. You set the temperature and humidity level of your product yourself. The storage coach will then calculate whether you can dry, cool or store under these current conditions. This Storage Coach is not a storage computer, but an aid. The Storage Coach is meant to be actively involved in the storage of potatoes and possibly ask questions to advisors if you do not understand an advice or if you have a different opinion.

Advice for drying is given per hour for the next 24 hours. With a green thumb up or a red thumb down you can see the advice per hour. Recommendations for internal operation and/or use of a stove are also given. Often there is a small explanation as to why it cannot be dried.

Recommendations for cooling are given per 3 hours for the next 5 days. With a green thumb up or a red thumb down you can see the advice every 3 hours.

In the advice to store, textual tips for checking are given regularly.

The app can be downloaded free of charge