Digital eyes and ears for the farmer

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Geschreven: 7 November 2017
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Flevo TVDigital eyes and ears for the farmer – interview Omroep Flevoland


A new digital technique helps farmers to take better care of their crops. Since spring 2017, measuring points have been located in a number of fields in Flevoland that provide the farmer with up-to-date data on numerous matters.

Sensors in the field measure the moisture content of the soil and temperature every half hour. The farmer can view these data in an app on his phone, so that he knows exactly when to fertilize or spray. Thanks to these techniques, Jan Maarten Hendrikse from Creil knows exactly how things stand since mid-April.

By collecting as much data as possible, farmers gain more insight into the effects of temperature and moisture content on the growth of their crops. This allows them to make adjustments to create an optimal situation for a good harvest. Until now, they had to rely on less precise information.

The measurement points come from AppsforAgri, which invests heavily in new digital tools for the agricultural sector. The company wants to make measurements cheaper and more accurate, thereby giving a boost to the sector.