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FarmXtend is part of AgXtend, the new CNH Industrial brand

Smart farming technologies make daily agricultural life more easy and better.  Easily install the Xacts at select locations throughout your fields and let the system do the rest, leaving you to get on with the day-to-day running of your farm! Check the status of your field anywhere and at any time, so that you can protect your crop more efficiently and targeted while taking care of nature and the environment.

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Crop protection

Optimize crop protection by spraying at the most effective moment and prevent diseases within your crop when the risk of infection is high.

Save time and be more organized

Being able to view water levels and weather conditions remotely saves the time it takes to physically go out to the fields. In addition, by knowing weather forecast you are able to better plan out.

Water savings

Knowing the exact soilmoisture for each field help optimize watering, thus preventing overwatering, which can impact crop health.

Save costs

Smart farming leads to lower costs on labor, water, and nutrients for crops.

"IoT business and environment IoT sensor business is a very important part of the AGXTEND business. AppsforAgri has the the excellent customer focus we were looking for, with easy to use IoT products and the strategy to get real agricultural knowledge out of the collected data."

Maximilian Birle
Head Product Management CNHi


  • Stay in control and protect your crops
  • Save time and be more organized
  • Save hundreds of euro's per season


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