After leaving the nozzle, a crop protection agent finally reaches the plant, soil or a pest where the product has to do its job. The product must overcome a number of barriers to achieve high effectiveness, with weather-related processes playing an important role. These processes take place a few days before, during and after spraying. The Sprayplanner calculates the effectiveness of each crop protection product on the basis of the local weather forecast. With the SmartFarm sensors you measure your crop conditions, after which the advice is more accurate.

Output is given in: json, xml or csv.

API Call


Option Description Example
Key Your personal API key 21HJe4&u%[#12aSMna7
Lat Latitude of the location  (-90..90) 52.6 (N positive, S negative)
Lon Longitude of the location (-180..180) 6 (E positive, W negative)
Step Time step of the forecast (1,3,6,12,24) 1
Days Number of days  (1..14) 5
Format Output format of the data (json, xml, csv) json
Lang Language of the output (NL, EN, DE, FR) NL
Crop Crop type (1..105) 25 (see list for crop codes)
Stage Crop stage percentage (10..100) 95
Soil Soil type (1..12) 3 (see list for soil codes)
Rsm Initial relative soil moisture content [0..100%] as a percentage of the maximum. Here is 0% dry and 100% is saturated 60
Ppp Registration id of the PPP NL8910

Output parameters

Value Description Type
Observation_time Time of the observation in UTC Tijd in UTC
Efficacy The efficacy of the ppp on a scale from 0 to 100% Integer



  • Agricultural parameters for your system
  • Predictions and current data
  • Ultra-local data

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