Disease pressure

The development of fungal diseases in crops is often a combination of temperature and leaf wetness period or relative humidity. Many fungi, such as Phythophthora infestans in potatoes, need free water to germinate and penetrate the leaf. Others, like many mildew species, have enough relative humidity to develop. This disease pressure API brings all these links together and gives the expected disease pressure of the various fungal diseases in more than 40 crops for the next 5 days. When using our SmartFarm sensors, the current and historical disease pressure is available on the basis of the measured data.

Output is given in: json, xml or csv.

API Call


Option Description Example
Key Your personal API key 21HJe4&u%[#12aSMna7
Lat Latitude of the location (-90..90) 52.6 (N positive, S negative)
Lon Longitude of the location (-180..180) 6 (E positive, W negative)
Days Aantal dagen (1..14) 5
Format Output format van de data (json, xml, csv) json
Lang Language of the output (NL, EN, DE, FR) NL
Crop Crop type (1..105) 25 (see list for crop codes)
Stage Crop stage percentage (10..100) 95
Soil Soil type (1..12) 3 (see list for soil codes)
Rsm Initial relative soil moisture content [0..100%] as a percentage of the maximum. Here is 0% dry and 100% is saturated 60
Fungus Crop disease id (see list of codes) 51

Output parameters

Value Omschrijving Type
Observation_time Observation time in UTC Time in UTC
Disease pressure Disease pressure forecast 7 days Integer



  • Agricultural parameters for your system
  • Predictions and current data
  • Ultra-local data

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